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Welcome to Moneycottage, the perfect place to learn how to make, save and invest money the right way!
I started this website in 2018 with a purpose to teach people how can they make money without having to work 9 to 5,
I am not a professional but since i have hustled a lot, i can teach you people what really works and what not! (to some extent)
People spend half of their lives studying and then spend the rest working for someone else!
I am against this!
I want you people to realize your potential, start your own business, manage your finances the right way and invest in assets rather than liabilities.
I am not saying anything against getting a degree,
Infact getting a degree makes you a professional in respective field provided you choose the right one and put in your best.
My mission is to make you people realize that their are a lot of opportunities out their that can you can leverage and make a living rather than having a slave mentality and always looking for 9 to 5 jobs.
I know different questions might be popping up in your minds,
You need to worry as i have made this website just to answer your questions and provide you people with all the necessary guidance for FREE.

Who am i?

Basit Ali

I am a 20 year old guy currently doing my bachelors in Software engineering.
I got to know about making money online stuff about 4 years ago from a close friend,
At that time i had one mission,
Study hard, get good grades and get a high paying job!
But things started to change from that day onwards as i started to discover the world of Internet marketing,
Fast forward, today i am making a good amount of money every month from the comfort of my home with this blog.
If you are interested to start an online business, check out this step by step guide in which i completely explain the whole process of making a profitable blog and making money from it.
You can contact me here or DM me on my social profiles,

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