How to make money at 17 without a job (11+ ways)

How to make money at 17 without a job (11+ ways)

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Are you a teenager looking to make money but don’t want to get into the hassle of getting a job and working for someone else?


You have just landed on the blog which is completely dedicated to people who hate 9 to 5 lifestyle and want to get into the world of business and entrepreneurship!

If you want to know how to make money at 17 without a job then stick to this post as i have enlisted 12 proven ways to make money that you can follow and start a profitable business without zero or minimal investment.

Without any further delay, lets get into the list!

How to make money at 17 without a job (12 ways)

1. Start blogging

If you ask me,

What is the best ever way to get into the world of online business and and make a full time living in under an year or two?

I would say only three magical words,Start a blog

No jokes! hundreds of thousands of people around the world are making a full time living through blogging and are growing everyday.

You can make a blog about anything you could probably think off!

Yoga, fishing, weight loss, camping, traveling, personal finance, supplements, gaming, tech reviews, acne, personal development, marketing and much much more!

And you know what?

It takes only 20 minutes to start a professional blog with an investment of only $65 for the first complete year!

I don’t know whether these 65 bucks sound much or less to you but believe me it can be the best investment of your life!

To give you an idea of how much money can you make as a blogger, check out the monthly income breakdown of a famous blogger John Lee Dumas, the CEO of


It didn’t happen overnight!

John worked his ass off to reach here!

The only secret behind his success is his hard work, commitment and belief in himself.

He is not the only one, there are thousands of others and they are completely crushing it with their blogs!

So, do you want to start your own blog?

I have written a step by step guide to making a profitable blog in which i have covered every small step in detail and i believe you would have no question after it.

This is the only guide you need to start a professional blog,

Click on the button to access the guide,

Start your blog today!

2. Take online surveys

online surveys

Blogging is a long term game but if you can’t wait much and want to make some quick bucks, i would recommend you to start taking online surveys.

Companies like Swagbucks allow you to take online surveys and get paid per survey.

There is one thing i don’t like about surveys which is that most of them are only available to people living in United States, Canada, UK and Australia.

If you are not from the above mentioned countries, then i recommend you not to try this as it would make you frustrated and waste your precious time.

BUT if you are the resident of any of the above countries, you can some bucks (Gas money) every month taking surveys.

All you have to do is to just sign up on the below mentioned websites and start taking surveys, if they are not available for a while don’t worry! you would receive an email notification whenever there is some survey available.

The best survey websites to join are:

1. Swagbucks

2. Surveyjunkie

3. Inbox dollars

4. Vindale research

5. Catch panel

6. YouGov

3. Design t shirts and sell them

T shirts have always been proven to be one of the most sold products online and offline.

And its quite obvious!

Everybody love t shirts! Whether they are normal ones or related to some event like christmas or halloween.

The good news: Now you can start online t shirt selling business from the comfort of your living room without getting into the tedious process of production, inventory and shipping!

Yes! There are some websites like Teespring and that are completely dedicated to help people who want to start t-shirts business but have limited resources.

The whole process of printing and shipping is done by them. Your task is to design the t shirt and get as much sales as possible.

What these websites do is that they allow you to sign up with them and design any kind of t shirt you want to sell. After designing the t shirt you can sell it through social media, forums, facebook ads and any other place where you think your target audience hang out online or even offline.

In order to get the t shirt shipped to the buyers you need to sell a certain amount of t shirts for each design. For every sale these websites take a fixed percentage of money.

If you want to know how to setup your first teespring campaign, check out the this video,

Check out this video to learn how to make $200 to $300 per day selling t shirts through facebook ads,

At the end its all about how much effort you put in!

4. Start a YouTube channel

Start a youtube channel

Did you know?

The monthly ad revenue of top 20 YouTube channels is  more than 20,000 dollars a month.

This is only ad revenue which can be calculated based upon the number of their viewers and target audience,

One can not predict how much they make through sponsorships, affiliate marketing and selling their own products (which is actually the biggest percentage of their revenue)

You can make a channel about anything you love or you think you are good at!

Some of the most popular channel ideas are vlogging, cool products unboxing, product testing/reviewing, gaming, tech tutorials, music teaching/playing, cooking, travelling, education, comedy and lifestyle.

The initial days are tough! No viewers, No subscribers! But persistence and quality pays off in the long run.

If you have fear of facing the camera, its the time to get rid of it!

5. Sell on Etsy

Are you a creative guy?

Can you make eye-catching crafty items?

Etsy is a huge marketplace where you can sell hand made crafts and make a good amount of money every month,

Just to give you an idea, Etsy has more than 30 million active buyers!

Huge market!

You can sell jewelery, clothing, toys, tools, kids products, vintage items and a lot more things mentioned in he following graph with the number of listings,

etsy categories

Want some detailed guidance?

Check out this video by Beginner tuts in which the guy goes through the whole process of setting up an etsy store.

Hope this helps!

6. Become an Amazon affiliate

Amazon associates

Amazon has an affiliate program that allows you to sell their products and earn a commission per sale.

Considering the amount of sales Amazon gets on average, you can surely make a lot of money with this program but Amazon has strict guidelines regarding promotional strategies.

The best and the legitimate way to make money with Amazon affiliate program is to make website focused around one small niche and then reviewing products on it.

People are literally making millions of dollars every month using this method,

Want some inspiration?

Luqman Khan, the ex-owner of amazon affiliate site) started this website back in January 2016 and started making $40,000 per month within few months. Later on he sold the site for $500,000 in December 2017.

7. Become a virtual assistant

Big companies and online businesses have a hell lot of stuff to do so they minimize their work load by outsourcing most of their work to virtual assistants.

There are a lot of services that come under the domain of virtual assistance i.e. blog management, email management, freelance writing, graphics designing, database management, social media management and any other service that can be done remotely.

The best way to get started as a virtual assistant is to pick one or two fields and specialize yourself in them.

Once you feel that you have gained a strong grip on your services, start reaching out to prospective clients through social media or through their websites and join virtual assistants group on Facebook to learn from other people in your space. You can also join freelance websites like Upwork and freelancer to provide your services.

BUT! Before that make sure you have made your own portfolio website to showcase your services and experience in a professional way.

Check out this step by step guide to making a professional portfolio website.

8. Offer web development services

web development

Web development is one of the highly paid freelance professions in the market with a vast scope.

Nowadays every second business needs a website and they are ready to pay big bucks for that.

Unfortunately this profession is not for everyone because you have to deal with code and not everybody loves coding. (i know it!)

IF you think you can learn coding and would not leave it midway, great! You can start from basics today through youtube, Udacity, Treehouse and Lynda etc.

After gaining a strong grip on your services, join freelance websites and start reaching out to different companies and local businesses in your area without a website.

Just to give you an idea, beginner freelance developers charge $30 per hour whereas experienced ones charge upto $150 an hour.

9. Offer gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr is a huge freelance website where you can sell any kind of service from $5 to $10,000.

You can sell any kind of service you can think of!

Yes! any kind of service!

There are sellers on Fiverr who are selling gigs like, “I will pray for you in $5” (no jokes!)

And you know what?

These people are making a decent amount of money every month selling such services,

Have a look,

Nowfiverr gigs

Now this doesn’t mean that you go and just replicate these gigs on Fiverr!

This was just to give you an idea about how can you take advantage of huge freelance websites to build your freelance business.

You can learn any professional skill online and start providing your services.

Check out this guide to making money online through Fiverr.

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10. Start tutoring kids

Teach maths

Almost every kid struggles at one subject or the other!

It’s either the maths or science that creates the problems for students,

Are you proficient at any subject?

Do you think you can teach kids and make them understand the concepts in the best way?

Well if that’s the case, then you are surely missing a great opportunity of working as a private tutor.

You can teach a kid or two at their home, your home or even online!

Private tutoring pays way more than teaching a bunch of kids and also help you teach better in less time!

You can teach daily for about 2 to 3 hours and make a decent amount of money every month as the hourly of private tutors is about $25 to $30 (for beginner level tutors)

Other than making money, i believe teaching is one of the great ways to gain self confidence as it helps you realize how much worth you are and how much capable you are to improve the problem solving efficiency of a kid!

You can start off from your neighborhood, relatives and friends and once you get some experience you would start getting clients through word of mouth marketing (referrals).

If you want to start online tutoring then join some tutoring websites like and

Personally i recommend offline tutoring as it is much more profitable and productive.

I forgot one thing, “Do make a portfolio website for you to give your tutoring business a professional look”.

11. Start selling your photographs

Are you fond of taking too much photos?

Why not sell them online!

Websites like Shutterstock allows you to sell your digital photos and make about 30 to 35 cents per photo download.

30 cents seem very less but considering the amount of buyers on these websites, you can expect to make a decent money every month.


All of the ways mentioned above are legit but it is you who can make the most out of them.

My personal recommendation is blogging as it yields the best results.

Now i hope you are clear about how to make money at 17 without a job.

If you have any question or query kindly post it in the comments below!

Also tell me which way are you going to adopt?

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