How to make money at 18 without a job (11+ ways)

How to make money at 18 without a job (11+ ways)

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So you have turned 18!

Great! Its the best time for you to start a business and become financially stable by the time you hit your 20s. (yeah you read it right!)

You have landed here because you want to know how to make money at 18 without a job!


I would say,

You have just reached the right place!

This blog is specially dedicated for people who are either tired of their 9 to 5 jobs or looking to make some money on the side.

I am a strong advocate of entrepreneurship and online business and always encourage youth to learn some skill and start a business rather than relying on degrees.

I am not against the college education!

I am against the typical job mindset!

Common guys, you don’t need a job to make money!

There are literally hundreds of ways to make money side on the side or make a full time living without a job!


There is one bitter truth!

You can’t become a millionaire overnight!

It takes a lot of sleepless nights to become a successful entrepreneur but the end results are the sweetest, which a man with a 9 to 5 job can’t taste!

Enough with the talking,

Let’s start,

How to make money at 18 without a job (11 ways)

Join Inbox Dollars ($5 sign up BONUS)

Online surveys is another legitimate way to make money on the side,

There are a lot of survey websites out there that pay you to take surveys for different companies,

You don’t need any experience and investment for this!

All you need to do is to join one or many survey websites and start taking surveys from day one.

For each completed and approved survey, you make a small amount of money.

Surveys are not available all the time so i recommend signing up to as many survey sites as possible so that you can take maximum number of surveys each day.

If you are located in USA, Canada or UK or Australia then chances are high that you people would get a large number of surveys each day.

Inbox Dollars is one of the best survey site you can join today.

Start a blog (best way)

Start a blog

If you are really serious about making money online and want to make a full time living from the comfort of your living room,

Start blogging right away!

You can make a blog about anything you love!

You won’t believe i have literally seen people going from broke to six figures in income in a matter of few years!

What did they do?

They got into blogging and never looked back!

Blogging not only helps you make money, but also develop a personality and build relationships.

Want to start a blog?

Don’t worry!

You don’t need hundreds or thousands of dollars for that,

It only takes only $65 to start a blog (through my discount link given in my guide to blogging)

65 dollars is the cost for the first complete year!

These 65 dollars can take you to 100s and even 1000s of dollars under an year!

You don’t need to learn coding for this!

It doesn’t take more than 20 minutes to start a blog with ZERO technicality involved and i have written a complete step by step guide to starting a profitable blog in which i have explained every single thing.

Click on the button below and get access to my FREE guide to blogging,

Start your blog today!

Make money taking online surveys

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Get paid to test websites

Big brands and companies are very much concerned about their websites since a major portion of their business runs through them.

To ensure their visitors are having a great time on their websites, they hire user testing companies to get their websites tested by real people from different parts of the world mainly USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

Usertesting is one such website that takes orders from websites’ owners and hire testers for testing purpose.

Companies like Usertesting  allows you sign up as a user tester and get paid per test you undertake.

All you have to do is to sign up on Usertesting as a tester and start testing websites.

Normally a test lasts for about 20 minutes and for each test you are paid $10.

Start affiliate marketing

Start affiliate marketing

Ever heard about it?

Affiliate marketing involves promoting the products or services of someone else and getting commission whenever someone buys that particular product or service through your referral link”

It is one of the most profitable business models and definitely one of the most quickest way to make money as a teenager.

There are thousands of companies that have affiliate programs that allows you to sign up as start promoting their products/services.

Best example is of Amazon, the biggest ecommerce website on the planet!

Amazon allows to sign up to their affiliate program and start promoting/reviewing their products. For each sale generated through your link they pay you up to 8% commission.

What is the best way to start affiliate marketing?

The best way to start affiliate marketing is to make a blog in a niche (e.g fishing), write helpful guides and reviews and then start generate commission whenever someone buys through your recommendation.

For example if i make a blog about landscape photography, i would write photography guides and DSLRs reviews on it and whenever someone would buy anything through my referral link, i would make money!

Still have doubts?

Check out my step by step guide to affiliate marketing.

Start self-publishing on Amazon Kindle

Do you have a strong grip on writing?

I mean, do you have the ability to write 3000 to 10000 words short non-fiction (or fiction) e-books?

I am sure most of you must be familiar with Amazon Kindle!

It is a platform that allows people to self publish their ebooks for FREE and make money per download!

Although the price of the ebooks is very low but considering the amount of traffic Amazon receives , you can expect to make a good amount of money every month.

Smartblogger has an amazing guide to kindle publishing over here.

Become a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is a person who handles different kind of tasks for clients while working remotely from the comfort of his living room.

These tasks include data entry, administrative tasks, content writing, wordpress publishing, database creation, email management, social media management and many others.

The best way to start virtual assistance is by choosing one task (e.g content writing), mastering it, making a portfolio website and then pitching clients directly or approaching them via freelance websites.

Some of the best freelance websites to find virtual assistance gigs are Upwork, Peopleperhour, Craiglist and Fiverr etc.

Design and sell t-shirts

Sell t shirts online

We know people love t-shirts a lot and when it comes to events related ones like Halloween or Christmas t-shirts, they just go crazy.

Why not turn this obsession into a profitable business?

You can design eye catching and cool t-shirts related to some event or whatsoever and sell it to people through facebook ads or any other advertising medium.

Don’t worry you don’t need to do anything including printing, storing or shipping etc.

The whole process is done by Teespring.

Teespring is a print on demand website that allows you to design t shirts and advertise them through any medium. Whenever someone buys the t shirt through your link, it is shipped to him by Teespring.

Teespring takes $10 per t shirt  and you keep the profit!

Isn’t that cool?

Check out this video case study of guy who made $1,500 in one week with Teespring.

This shows how much potential this business model has!

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Sell gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr is huge freelance marketplace where you can literally sell any kind of service from making a professional website to making prank calls!

Yeah you just read that!

There are people on who prank call anybody for a price, and they are making a decent amount of money doing so,

Fiverr prank calls

Now i am not encouraging you to start a prank call service (it actually sucks!)

Go to Fiverr, check out its categories, select one you think you are good at and start providing your services.

Don’t have any skill?

Don’t worry! You can learn any skill online!

You can find any kind of course or training online for FREE, however if you really want to master a particular skill, consider taking courses at Lynda or Udemy. They cost as little as 10 bucks.

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Start freelance writing

Freelance writing is most in-demand service right now!

More and more companies are establishing their online presence and they want quality content on consistent basis,

You can help these companies by writing quality content for them at a decent rate!

Don’t worry! Even if you are not a native, you can still write quality web content because web content consumers prefer simple easy to understand sentences which you can easily master with daily writing practice.

The key to becoming a becoming a successful freelance writer is to pick only one niche!

This will help you polish your skills and excel as an authority content writer.

You can start providing your services from freelance writing job boards and later on start cold pitching brands directly.

Check out this 1000 dollars a month challenge by Bamidele, where he reveals his strategy to start from no connections and start making 1000 a month as a freelance writer.

Start a youtube channel

Youtube is an income opportunity one simply can’t ignore!

People love videos and prefer it over any other type of content,

And when it comes to video platforms, Youtube is an undisputed champion with gets more than 23 billion website views every month,

Just check out it’s stats,

Youtube traffic

How can you make money on youtube?

Make a channel and start making videos about anything you love or you think you’re good at,

It can be cooking, tech reviews, vlogging, vines, pranks, education or any other thing you could probably think of!

Youtube has traffic for every niche, no matter how small it is!

Once you surpass 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time, you can apply for Google Adsense as your monetization source.

Besides Google Adsense, you can also make money with affiliate marketing, selling your own products/services or through sponsorships.

Initially it’s tough and frustrating but hard work and persistence always pays off in the long run.

Learn new things daily and apply them, be consistent, never compromise on quality and last but not the least “NEVER FEEL DOWN”

'When the going gets tough, the tough gets going' - Joseph P. KennedyClick To Tweet

Becoming a successful youtuber takes time but is definitely worth it!

Get creative on Etsy

If you have creative designing and crafting skills, you can sell hand made art on Etsy.

Etsy is huge marketplace where people buy and sell handmade and vintage items ranging from clothes, jewellery, toys, vintage items to photographs.

The best way to start selling on Etsy is to make a blog and start promoting your products on it,

You can also try facebook ads if you have got some money to invest.


This comes to the end of the list of 11 ways on how to make money at 18 without a job.

Tell me in the comments below,

Which way are you going to adopt?

All the ways are legitimate but I highly recommend you to start Blogging as it would become a source of passive income for you in future!

Start your blog today!

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