How to make 1000 a month as a teenager [8 legit ways]

How to make 1000 a month as a teenager [8 legit ways]

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Being a teenager you always wish to have enough money in your pocket so that you don’t have to ask your parents every time you need something.

Since child labor laws have become very strict, it has become difficult to make some extra bucks on the side.


Thanks to internet that has made it very easy for anybody to start a business from the comfort of his living room.

If you want to know how to make 1000 a month as a teenager then you have come to the right place!

I have compiled about 10 amazing ways to make 1000 dollars a month as a teenager which are completely beginner friendly and anybody with the basic knowledge of computers and internet can utilize them.

Let’s start,

How to make 1000 a month as a teenager (10 ways)

1. Make a blog (Best way)


Without any doubt, blogging is one of the most profitable ways to make money and perhaps the best way to make money online,

Now you must be thinking like how can this guy make such a big claim without any reference?


Have you ever come across a teenager making 1000 a month with the investment of less than 100 dollars?

Don’t know about you but i have come across a large number of guys making this much money with the investment of about a 100 bucks and all they do is BLOGGING!!

According to a recent research by Authority Hacker, blogging is way more profitable than any offline business and he proves it with statistics.

It requires only $65 to start a blog and work on it for an year.

And these 65 dollars can easily take you to 1000 dollars a month in a matter of an year if you do everything the right way.

Do you want to start blogging?

It only takes 20 minutes to start a blog and you don’t need to have any technical knowledge for that.

All you need is my step by step guide to making a blog from A to Z which will completely guide how to make a profitable blog step by step.

Start your blog today!

2. Start freelance writing

If there is one skill that is the most in-demand skill in the online world right now, it is WRITING!

Don’t worry you don’t need to have some extra ordinary vocabulary and creative skills for that,

If you can write an article in simple english with no grammatical errors, you can become a successful freelance writer.

Companies are always in need of content writers and are willing to pay a decent money for that.

There are a lot freelance websites where you can sign up and start providing your services, like,, etc.

Getting your first 10 clients is difficult as people don’t trust new sellers much but once you manage to get first few sales, things start getting easier.

The rates on these freelance websites are not much so i recommend that once you get some experience from these websites, make your own writer website for your portfolio and start approaching big companies, startups and websites to provide writing services at much higher rates.

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3. Start a YouTube channel


Youtube is one of the best places to start an online business in 2019 as people are preferring videos over any other form of content.

You can make a channel about anything you love,

If you are good at something like some people are good at photo editing or video editing, you can make a channel about it.

Besides that if you have story telling skills and you can face the camera, you can start vlogging.

How do you make money on YouTube?

There are many ways, however the most popular way is through Google Adsense or through influencer marketing.

In case of Google adsense, Google places ads on your videos and when people view your video or click on any ad on your video, you get money.

In influencer marketing, brands approach you and ask you to promote their product and pay you a certain amount depending upon the number of your subscribers.

Starting days can be tough because you don’t get enough views so be patient and keep on creating quality content.

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4. Become a virtual assistant

Virtual assistance is a great way to make a full time living from the comfort of your home.

It involves working remotely for some company/website providing a wide range of services including blog management, email management, database management, researching on a topic etc.

Being a virtual assistant, you need to have strong management skills and ability to work in a limited time constraint.

The average hourly rate of a virtual assistant is $20/hour in the United States, but it usually varies depending upon your skills, experience and client you work with.

You can find virtual assistance related jobs through job boards, social media groups and freelance websites.

Want some guidance?

Check out this video on how to make a full time living as a virtual assistant,

Hope this helps!

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5. Offer gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr is a huge freelance marketplace where you can sell any service from $5 to $10000.

There are huge number of categories and you can literally sell any kind of digital service.

Major categories include Freelance writing, graphics designing, online marketing, and video production/editing etc.

Just go to and  and check whether you can provide any service from the list of services they offer,


Even if you can’t provide any kind of service, you can learn some skill and start providing that service.

There are online courses available for any kind of skill you want to learn.

6. Become a social media manager

Social media marketing

Big companies and organizations have very less time to look after their social media accounts,

They are just too much busy with work and are willing to outsource the whole stuff to someone who knows how to leverage social media to harness the power of their business.

If you think you can do this job for them, what’s better than this?

Don’t worry, it’s not so difficult!

Just spend some days scrolling through the Facebook and other social accounts of big companies who are doing social media marketing effectively,

Check out their strategies, read out the comments, go through the profiles of people who commented and learn the way they interact with their audience.

Doing so will help you learn what is working and and what’s not.

Pick only one industry like cosmetics, garments or whatever and try to stick to only one social network, this will help you gain a strong grip on your social media management skill.

You can offer your services to companies by directly asking them or join freelance or remote jobs websites and get clients over there.

This is definitely one of the best ways to earn money as a teenager.

7. Start dropshipping


Did you know you could make money selling physical products without having to store and ship them actually?

Yes! You can sell physical products to people and don’t even need have an inventory!

But how?

The answer is drop shipping!

Dropshipping involves selling the products which are actually owned by some other supplier.

You make a website on shopify and market the products at a higher price than the actual wholesale price (demanded by the supplier).

Whenever someone buys any product, you place the order to the supplier (paying the wholesale price) and he supplies the product to the customer.

This way you make money without getting into any hassle of buying, storing and supplying the product yourself.

If you are still confused, check out this amazing step by step guide to drop shipping by Shopify.

8. Start selling t shirts online

Sell t shirts online

It’s no secret that people love t shirts so much,

No matter whether its Christmas or Halloween, people are always looking to buy event related t-shirts.

BUT! the whole process of production, storing and shipping is so much tedious that you don’t want to even think about it!

Here comes Teespring!

Teespring is an amazing website that allows you to design t shirts of your choice and sell it without having to get into the process of production and shipping.

All you have to do is to design the t shirt, set it’s price and market it to sell it.

The whole process of production and shipping is done by Teespring itself.

Teespring a fixed percentage of money on every sale and you keep the profit.


This comes to the end of the post on how to make 1000 a month as a teenager.

All the ways mentioned above are genuine ways to make money however making 1000 dollars a month takes time and requires hard work and patience.

Which way would you like to adopt?

Tell me in the comments below.



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