How to make a profitable blog

How to make a profitable blog in 2018 (step-by-step)

Somebody told you that you could make money blogging or you came across an ad on some website to start a blog so you decided to make one.
But you are confused whether your idea would work or not?

Don’t worry!

That friend who told you to start a blog or the ad you saw just opened a wonderful chapter of your life.
Starting your own blog is one of the best things you can do and there are many reasons why i am saying this.
Over the past ten to fifteen years blogging has been growing exponentially,
It has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world from the comfort of their homes who were either struggling with their 9 to 5 jobs or looking for some side hustle.
Some people started blogging as a hobby but ended up making up to 5 figures a month.
And you know what’s the best thing about blogging?

There is very less risk involved!

It requires only $75 to start a blog unlike other businesses where you have to invest 1000s of dollars to get started.
This $75 is the expense for the first complete year.
This guide will show you the step by step process of making a successful blog, which involves choosing a niche, making a blog, creating quality content and finally making money out of it.
Let’s get started,

How to make a profitable blog (step-by-step guide)

1. Choose a niche

In simple and plain language, niche means a topic on which you will be writing about on your blog like weight loss, time management, personal finance, yoga and fishing etc.
There are literally thousands of niches and you can easily choose any of them but not all of them are worth chosen due to some factors which we are going to discuss below.
In order to choose a niche, follow these steps,

1. Identify your interests/hobbies/problems

Take a pen and paper and write down your interests, hobbies, skills, sports you like, problems you often face, diseases you often suffer from, and everything else you can easily write about.
In my case i wrote down things like night life photography, novel reading, sleep paralyses, time management, basketball and video games.

2. Check out their search volume

Search volume means the amount of searches made for a certain topic per month on any search engine.
To check out the search volume, install keyword everywhere extension on chrome or Firefox and activate it. In order to activate it you will have to enter the key sent to your email in extension setting.
After activating the extension, you will see the search volume of every keyword searched on Google or any other search engine like this,

Now one by one check out the volumes of each of your interests on Google and filter out all having volume less than 10k a month.
If all of your interests have more than 10k volume, that’s great! Just take all of them and move onto next step.

3. Check their trends

We want a niche that has demand for the whole year not for a particular span of time.
Some niches have huge demand in summer but they are almost dead in winter like summer jobs, Below is the trend of “Summer jobs”

Summer jobs

Similarly some niches are trending in winter but almost dead in summer like skiing,

We want a niche that is evergreen and has demand for the whole year like backpacking, pilates, fishing, skin care, personal finance and home improvement etc.

Here is the trend of acne,

4. Check out monetization options

You want to make a profitable blog that can be source of income for you so dont choose any niche that has very less monetization options.

If your niche falls under the categories like health, technology, home improvement, clothing/shoes, skin care and any other category that has products on amazon then you dont need to worry much because Amazon has an affiliate program that allows you to promote their products and earn a commission whenever someone buys something from Amazon through your affiliate link.

There are people out there who are literally making tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars just with Amazon affiliate program.


This does not mean that Amazon is the only monetization option available for you!

There are hundreds of other monetization options for nearly every niche out there except some few.

Although there are many ways to make money from your blog,

The best way is affiliate marketing !

Affiliate marketing is selling someone else’s product or service and getting commission from every sale generated through your affiliate link.

Now coming back to the topic,

Let’s say my niche is “personal finance”

I know there are no products of this niche on Amazon (except e-books)

What will i do in this scenario?

I will simply google “my niche + affiliate programs”

See what have i got,

Affiliate programs

Note: Affiliate marketing is not the only way to make money from a blog. There are a lot of other ways like display advertising, selling your own products and sponsored posts etc. but the most profitable one is affiliate marketing.

5. Finalize

Now once you have tested your ideas, its the time to select one niche which you will best suit you.

Thats it!

You are done with niche selection!

Now lets move on to the next step.

2. Choose CMS (Content Management System)

A blog needs a CMS to run.
There are a lot CMSs like Tumblr, Joomla, Drupal and Wix etc but the best, most used and most user friendly is WordPress.org.
WordPress powers 30% of the websites in the world which includes Techcrunch, The New Yorker, Bloomberg, Sony and many other big brands.
Unlike other CMSs, WordPress allows its users to have complete control of their website and customize it according to their needs.
It includes a lot of Beautiful themes and plugins that helps you to customize your blog easily.
So we have chosen WordPress.org.

3. Select web hosting

In order to make a blog we need a domain name like example.com or example.net and a web hosting service which will host our blog on a server.

There are a lot of web hosting providers in the market. Some of the best and the top web hosting providers are A2hosting, Siteground, Kinsta and Inmotion.

We will go with Siteground since it is the most affordable and reliable option.

This blog also runs on Siteground.

We will buy both our domain name and web hosting from Siteground.

4. Making a blog (the actual step-by-step process)

Here comes the step you were waiting for,

After selecting WordPress as our CMS and Siteground as our web host, now it’s the time to make a blog.
Up till now you were just reading but now you will be implementing the below mentioned steps with me,

You can also implement them later on but chances are that you may stuck somewhere so it’s better that you implement the steps with me.

It doesn’t take more than 10 minutes and you don’t need to do any technical stuff here.

Ok, let’s start!

1. Open web hosting website

Right click here and open the web hosting website in your next tab.

Open it in the next tab so that so that you can implement the steps with me.

Once you will open the website, it will appear like this,

2. Open shared hosting plans

Scroll down a little and you will see a page with three different hosting plans named as web hosting, cloud hosting and enterprise hosting.

Click on the web hosting box with a best seller badge on it like this,

3. Choose the startup plan

Now once you have opened the web hosting plans, there will be three different web hosting plans

displayed in front of you.

Right now we will choose the Startup plan because we are just starting out, later on if your traffic

increases you can upgrade the plan.

Click on the Startup plan like this,

4. Buy the domain name

After choosing our plan, a page opens where we are asked to buy our domain name.

Just type in the domain name you want to buy and click on Proceed like this,

5. Fill out the billing details

5. Customize the blog

Your brand new blog is ready but you need to do some necessary customization here.