How to make money as a 14 year old (12+ ways)

How to make money as a 14 year old (12+ ways)

Before starting off with this post,

Let me WARN you guys!

If you are looking to get rich overnight and want to make millions of dollars by doing little to almost no work on your part, then SORRY, this post is not for you!


If you are teenager who believes that money does not come without hard work,

And you want to know how to make money as a 14 year old by working part time or full time,

Then you are most welcome!

I always try to provide my readers the most authentic and reliable ways to make money,

And not only that!

I also provide the step by step instructions for all of the major ways to make money.

For this post i have gathered about 15 legitimate ways to make money as a 14 year old,

First 10 are online ways to make money whereas the rest 5 ways are offline ways,

The reason why i put more online ways is because there is a huge potential to make money online as a teenager.

All of these ways are 101% authentic and tested, however the amount of money you can make using these ways depends upon your efforts and luck (in very rare cases).

Anyways let’s get into the amazing list of money making ways,

How to make money as a 14 year old online (10 ways)

1. Start a blog (Best way)

If you ask me how many times i have recommended blogging to people?

I would be unable to answer!

Because i can’t even count the number of people i have recommended blogging to!

There is a reason why i am so much obsessed with blogging,

I have seen bloggers starting off and making thousands of dollars in a year or two!

Even engineers and teachers are not making that much money some bloggers are making!

And you know what?

You don’t require any technical skills in order to make money blogging,

Sure it demands time, efforts and sometimes luck also but at the end of the day it is the most profitable way to make money as a teenager online rather not only for teenagers but for anybody who can work hard consistently.

I myself started blogging a year ago when i read about it on an internet marketing website.

You might be wondering how much money you need in order to start a profitable blog,

Well it only takes $65 to start a blog in less than 20 minutes! ($65 is the expense for the first complete year)

You don’t need to do any coding,

All you have to do is to just follow some easy steps which i have thoroughly explained in my guide to making a blog step by step.

How much money can you make blogging?

This depends!

It depends upon many factors like how much time you invest in? what is your niche? and what strategies are you applying? etc.

There are bloggers out there who are making over 10k a month and some even over 100k a month like Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas, Michelle Schroeder-gardner and many others…

Below is the screenshot of John Lee Dumas’s last seven months income,


The only purpose of showing you these figures is only to encourage and motivate you people and make you realize the potential of blogging!

The amount of potential is huge and there are still a lot of gaps that are needed to be filled!

And the coolest thing about blogging is that there is very less risk involved!

Only $65 dollars for one complete year!

I think a 14 year old can easily afford $65,

And i believe these 65 dollars can take you to heights if you are a guy who works with commitment and patience!

I am ready to provide any kind of help you require, whenever you feel like you are doing something wrong just send me an email here and i would gladly respond to it and clarify everything.

Design a strategy and work hard for one year,

I am sure you would make it to a successful blog one day!

Need step-by-step guidance?

I have written a step by step guide to blogging which will properly guide you how to make a successful blog that will clear all of your doubts about blogging!

The guide is totally beginner-friendly with each step explained in the best possible way!

Check out the amazing guide over here.

Start your blog today!

2. Make money promoting Amazon products

Do you know you can make money promoting amazon products?

Ever heard of that?

Well if you don’t know Amazon has an affiliate program which lets you promote their products and earn a small percentage of the product price as a commission when someone buys through your affiliate link.

This is a great way to make money as a 14 year old from the comfort of your homes!

The commission percentage varies from one product category to another starting from 2% to 8%.

Though the commission is less but considering the amount of sales Amazon generate you can expect to make a good amount every month.

Here you need to know one thing!

Amazon is very strict with their rules and regulations,

You need to be very careful while promoting their products.

The best and the ideal way to promote their products is through a blog,

You can make a blog and then promote and review products for your visitors,

Like suppose if i have interest in photography then i would make a make a blog about photography and review cameras and lenses to my audience, this way i would be able to get a good number of sales and hence a pretty good commission.

You might have come across some websites who write articles like “best wireless routers”, “best gaming mouse 2018” etc, these websites review amazon products and earn up to six and some even seven figures a year.

I hope the concept is clear now.

If you are really interested in this method, then check out our step by step guide to Amazon affiliate marketing.

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3. Make money with Surveyjunkie

Survey Junkie

Have you ever completed a company’s survey?

There are lot companies who are constantly looking for their customers feedback,


Did you know you could also make money by completing these surveys?


There is an amazing website called SurveyJunkie which lets you make money by doing very simple tasks like installing apps, playing games, doing surveys, searching the web and many other amazing ways which you normally do for free.

As the name of this website indicates, it is specially made for surveys but you can also make money through other ways as well.

You can not expect to get rich through this website but you can surely you make an extra $100 a month with it which is great, after all you have to do is just answer surveys and perform simple actions.

They also have a referral system through which if you ask someone to join Surveyjunkie and he joins using your referal link, both of you get will get $5.

So what are you waiting for?

Join surveyjunkie through this link, get a $5 bonus and start making money!

Join Surveyjunkie NOW!

4. Make money with Clickbank


Clickbank is a huge marketplace for digital and physical products which gets a massive number of sales every month.

Just like i mentioned above that you can make money promoting amazon products, same is the case with Clickbank.


Clickbank pays you far more commission as compared to Amazon.

Amazon’s commission percentage is from 2% to 8%,

Whereas the commission percentage of Clickbank is around 20% to 50% which is far more than that of Amazon!

However, it is not easy to promote Clickbank products as Clickbank is not famous like Amazon and the other reason is that there is not a vast variety of products.

Best way to make money from Clickbank is to make a blog and promote Clickbank products to your audience,

For example if i have a health blog i would promote products like meal plans, diet plans, weight loss pills etc.

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4. Get paid for surfing the web

Most of the people spend their leisure time just surfing the web but very few know that you can actually make money doing it!

Yes! allows you to surf the web and earn money on every search,

Surely this money is very less but after all you are doing nothing just surfing the web!

Just take this small of amount of money as a bonus for searching the internet!

5. Sell your photos on Shutterstock


Did you know you could make money online by selling photos?

But you are not a professional photographer?

No need to worry!

You don’t need to be a professional photographer in order to make money,

Any person with a love for photography, who loves to take random photos with his phone or a camera, can make money by selling them online.

There is a website called Shutterstock that connects photographers with people looking to buy photos for any reason.

Photos that are sold on this website can be of any category;

However the photo needs to be well captured with focus on the primary object.

Like if i am taking a photo of a cat sitting in a garden then i will have to focus completely on cat,

The better the photo, the better it sells.

You are paid per photo download, the average price of a photo is $1 but you are paid about 30% of it.

Yeah i know its less but since one photo of yours can be downloaded unlimited number of times,

You can make some decent money by uploading a lot of pictures.

This income is totally passive and requires no work other than just uploading photos.

You can make more or less money depending how much sales you get per month.

You need to have a camera or a phone with high quality camera for this.

6. Test websites on Usertesting


Do you know you can make money testing websites?


Usertesting is an amazing platform that lets you test websites and make money per test!

Big websites owners are very much concerned about the user experience of their websites,

So they contact Usertesting and Usertesting gets the websites tested from normal human beings like me and you.

All you have to do is to register on Usertesting and then wait for notification emails whenever some website is available for test.

You are paid $10 per approved test.

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7. Sell your eBooks on Amazon Kindle

Do you know anything about Amazon Kindle?

It is an amazing platform for writers and authors,

If you can write well and can write short 3000 words eBooks (fiction or non-fiction), you can make money on Kindle.

You don’t need to be a professional author for this,

If you can write at least 3000 words eBook on daily issues like weight loss, time management, saving money, coding, productivity tips etc., you are good to go!

All you need is love for writing and some marketing skills to promote your eBook on social media and niche related forums.

Although Amazon Kindle has huge internal audience but in order to make first few sales try promoting your eBook on social media like niche related facebook groups, forums and anywhere else where your target audience hangs out.

Amazon Kindle has a lot of amazing features like giving your eBook for free for the first 5 days to get good ratings BUT in order to avail this feature, you have to upload your eBook on Amazon Kindle only.

P.S If you are really good at writing eBooks, i recommend you to start your own blog and promote your eBook to your audience at relatively higher price.

8. Make money on Youtube


Youtube has a partner program that lets you make money whenever your video is viewed.

The trend of videos is increasing exponentially and people are preferring videos over any other form of content.

It’s a great opportunity for you to get into video creation may it be of any kind like fitness, recipies, vlogging, tutorials or any other kind you like.

Many youtubers are making full time income from youtube,

Its the time for you to start making youtube videos and make the most out of it!

Caution: Patience and consistency are necessary in order to become a successful youtuber because your initial months are very tough, NO money, LESS views!

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9. Sell on Etsy

If you have creative designing and crafting skills then Etsy is your way to go!

Etsy is a huge marketplace that allows independent suppliers to sell their crafts to people out there.

You can sell clothes, vintage items, jewelery, art, collectibles and accessories etc.

I believe this is a great way to make money as a 14 year old provided you have great crafting skills.

Check out this amazing case study of a 22 year old guy who made $28,139 on Etsy selling posters.

10. Sell t shirts on teespring

Teespring is a website that works on Print On Demand model.

It allows you to upload the t shirt design and then whenever somebody orders that t shirt from your link you get the profit.

The base price of a t shirt is $10 but if you choose to sell it at $30, you keep $20 profit and $10 goes to teespring.

You can promote the t shirt on your blog or through Facebook/Google ads.

The key to more sales is to design eye catching and event related t shirts and sell them just before the event.

For example you can design Halloween t shirts and sell them before Halloween.

This comes to the end of the online ways to make money as a 14 year old.

Now lets move on to the offline ways,

How to make money as a 14 year old offline (3 ways)

1. Become a baby sitter

Baby sitting

Baby sitting is a great way to make money as a 14 year old part time.

Not only you can make money this way but you also become a responsible and a reliable person in the eyes of people.

Most of the teenagers overlook this way and look for part time jobs in hospitals and restaurants which i think are far less profitable both in terms of money and time.

The average hourly rate of baby sitters in USA is $13.44/hour according to

If you want to become a baby sitter then the best way is to start from your relatives and neighbors and develop credibility and trust,

Once you get enough experience you can join different baby sitting agencies or work independently.

2. Refurbish old furniture

Refurbish old furniture

Most people place their old furniture in their back yards and others just just sell it at very low price,

Do you know you can refurbish that old furniture and sell it at a much higher price than normal people sell.

You can ask your relatives, neighbors and friends if they have old furniture at their home which they no longer use?

Now once you buy that furniture, you can refurbish it by polishing and repairing it properly and make it look like new.

After refurbishing it you can sell it in the market at much higher price.

I advise you to take some adult with you when selling.

Refurbishing furniture is a bit technical process, however it depends upon you how much you want to repair and what is the present condition of furniture.

Sometimes, only polishing the furniture does the job!

And sometimes it requires a lot of repairing!

If you want to know how to refurbish furniture properly, check out this video,

3. Teach other teens

Are you good at any subject?

Many students are not good at maths,

If you are good at maths or any other subject which you think you can teach then what are you waiting for?

This is a great way to make money as a 14 year old and has a great potential to scale.


All the ways mentioned above are legitimate ways to make money as a teenager,

However if ask me,

What is the most profitable way to make money as a 14 year old?

The answer is Blogging!

Learn how to make a profitable blog with this amazing step by step guide,

Start your blog today!

If you have got any question, just ask in the comments below,

And tell me which way are you gonna try?

Have a great day!

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