How to make money as a 16 year old in 2019 [18 legit ways]

How to make money as a 16 year old in 2019 [18 legit ways]

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So you have grown up now and don’t want to be a burden on your parents anymore?

Do you want to become financially independent in your teens?

Do you want to know how to make money as a 16 year old from the comfort of your living room?

Well, i have a great news for you!

In this post i have listed 18 ways to make money as a 16 year old, which include ten online and two offline ways to make money,

Reason for putting more online ways than offline ways?


Making money online is easier, more reliable and has way more earning potential than making money offline.

Let’s start,

(Discaimer: All of these are genuine ways to make money and have worked for millions of people around the world BUT nothing can be said about the amount of money you can make through these ways as it varies. You can make $0 and you can make millions of dollars)

How to make money as a 16 year old online (15 ways)

Get paid for taking surveys

Get paid for your opinion

Did you know you could make money online giving your feedback?

Websites like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie pays you to take online surveys that take not more than 15 to 20 minutes.

This is not a get rich quick scheme rather a way to make some extra bucks every month.

The cool thing about these survey websites is that they don’t require any kind of investment and you can start making money from the day 1.

The only drawback of online surveys is that they are mostly available to people living only in United States, Canada, UK or Australia.

So if you are from any other country except those mentioned above then surveys might not be a good fit for you!

Best survey websites to join are,

1. E Poll (Click here to join)

2. Survey Junkie (Click here to join)

3. Toluna

4. Prize Rebel

5. Global Test Market

6. Vindale Research (Click here to join)

Start a blog (best way – highly recommended)

Start a blog

If you ask me to give you the best advice about starting an online business in the least possible investment,

I would simply say, START A BLOG!

Don’t know what’s a blog?

“A blog is a website that is regularly updated and provides information to people in the form of articles, videos or photos in a conversational tone”

This is also a blog which are reading right now!

Blogging is literally the best way to start a profitable online business as it allows you to build a strong foundation on the web with an everlasting effect!

The most powerful weapon of a blogger is his/her readership, he can literally turn the tables with one powerful article!

With that being said, it is the high time for you to take action and get into the roller coaster of blogging,

Wanna see some income reports?

Check out this 2017 income report of (a famous personal finance blog run by Michelle Schroeder)

blogging income report


Mitchele is an authority blogger and has been in the industry for a long time,

BUT we want an income report of new blogger, so lets check out the income report of a 4 month old blog,

income report

YES! $1193 a month ,the fourth month of blogging! This is crazy!

Do you want to start your own blog?

It takes only 20 to 30 minutes to make a blog with zero technicality involved,

I have written a step by step guide to making a blog that includes every small thing explained in the best possible way,

Check out the guide by clicking on the button below,

Start your blog today!

Become a freelance writer

Freelance writing

Freelance writing is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online with a vast scope that is continuously increasing day by day.

According to Bill Gates, “Content is king

New companies open everyday and they want content for their content marketing strategies,

They want content writers to write high quality content for them and they are ready to pay good amount of money for that!

You don’t need to be a scholar or a vocabulary geek to become a content writer!

If you can write an article in simple English language in a conversational tone with no grammatical errors, you can become a successful freelance writer!

The traditional way to start content writing is to sign up on various freelance websites like Upwork and start providing your services at a fixed rate.

I DON’T recommend this way!

I recommend you to first choose a niche (e.g fitness), start a blog in that niche, write 10 to 15 quality articles on your blog which you would be showing to your clients as samples, build relationships with fellow bloggers in your niche, do guest blogging on their blogs to get exposure and last but not the least start approaching websites in your niche to provide your content writing services at competitive rates.

Check out this $1000 dollar challenge by Bamidele in which thoroughly goes through the whole process of getting your first client and making start making $1000 a month.

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Start a YouTube channel

YouTube is a great place to start your online business in 2019 and beyond.

You can make a channel about anything you love and start making cool videos to attract audience,

Some kids are really making millions on YouTube,

Wanna see some examples for inspiration?

Here you go,


Evan is 12 year old kid who reviews toys and does some fun challenges on his YouTube channel,

He started his YouTube channel in 2011 and has 3,658,333,902 views up till now!

According to Business Insider, Evan makes more than $1.3 million a year!

I gave Evan’s example to encourage you people and make you guys realize how much potential YouTube has.

How do youtubers make money?

There are quite a few ways to make money as a YouTuber, which includes Display advertising through Google Adsense , Sponsorships, Affiliate marketing and selling your own products/services.

#1 Display Advertising through Google Adsense

You must have seen ads being displayed on youtube videos, these ads are actually placed through Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is a Google service that allows you to place ads on your videos and make money per 1000 ad views and per ad click. Normally YouTubers make $3 to $4 per 1000 views.

In order to apply for Google Adsense you need to have atleast 1000 subsribers and 4000 minutes of watch time on your videos.

#2 Sponsorships

In sponsorships, different companies approach you and ask you to promote their product to your audience.

In return they give you a certain amount of money. BUT for this you need to have a decent number of subscribers and average views on your videos.

#3 Affiliate marketing

I have explained the affiliate marketing concept above. The process is same over here except you promote the product through YouTube videos instead of a blog.

#4 Selling your products/services

Selling your products/services is pretty much self explanatory. You can sell any kind of product to your audience provided it really is a helpful product.

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Join Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a platform that allows you to make money doing micro tasks that require human interaction in one way or the other.

These task include researching about a certain topic, rating search engine results, proofreading, transcribing audios and much more.

You can’t expect to make full time income on this platform,

But you can surely make some extra money every month.

Sign up on Swagbucks

Make money on Swagbucks

Do you spend a lot of time surfing the web, watching videos or playing games?

Most of you must be!


Did you know you could make money doing so?

Swagbucks is an amazing website that allows you make money while taking surveys, playing online games, installing apps, watching videos and much more!

Keep this thing in mind!

Swagbucks can never help you make a full time living rather it is a platform to make some coffee money every month or get an Amazon gift card!

Join Swagbuck through our link and get $5 bonus when you reach the required threshold.

Join Swagbucks NOW!

Test websites on Usertesting


Usertesting is a website that allows you to test websites and earn money per test.

Companies are very much concerned about the user experience on their websites so they contact testing companies like Usertesting.

Usertesting gets their websites tested from normal people who can sign up on the website as a user tester.

They pay you $10 per test and the test lasts for about 20 to 30 minutes.

Tests are not available every time so be patient if you don’t get any test for some time.

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Make money selling t shirts online

Companies like Cafepress and Teespring have made it very much easier for anybody to start his/her own t shirts business from the comfort of his/her living room.

These companies allow you to design any kind of t shirt you want to sell through Photoshop, upload the design on their websites, specify the price of the t shirt and promote it on your blog, social media, forums and through Facebook ads to get sales.

Whenever someone places an order, these companies print that t shirt and ship it directly to the buyer.

A certain percentage of t shirt price is taken by the company whereas the rest is yours.

Check out these 5 tips to sell more t shirts by Tshirt Help Desk.

Hope this helps!

Start self publishing with Amazon

Self publishing with Amazon kindle

Do you love writing?

Do you love writing fiction or non-fiction?

The whole process of approaching a publisher and getting your book published is so much tedious and time consuming that most of the writers simply quit!


Amazon has solved this problem!

Now you can write a book and self-publish it on Amazon Kindle for FREE!

You don’t need to be a professional author for this,

IF you can’t write fiction, no problem!

Just go for short 3000 words non-fiction books with eye catching covers as shown below,

Best sellers

The average price of the e-books on Amazon is relatively less as compared to physical books but you should not forget the amount of traffic Amazon receives,

You get all the traction for free!

If you are serious about self publishing and want a step by step guide for it, check out this guide by Stefan James from Project Life Mastery.

Make selling digital photos online

Do you have knack of taking cool photos?

Do you love capturing the beautiful moments?

Well now you can sell your photos online and make some extra money every month!

Websites like Shutterstock allows you to sell your digital photographs to millions of people out there.

Shutterstock is a huge markeplace of digital photos and videos where both both buyers and sellers join to deal with each other.

Make money selling photos

Shutterstock has paid out $500 million to its contributors up till now!

The best thing about digital photos is that you can sell them for unlimited number of times without the fear of your stock getting emptied.

You are paid about 33 cents per photo download (I know thats’s very less but having a large number of photos in your profile can lead to a decent total)

A major drawback: Shutterstock and all the other digital photos marketplaces requires you to be at least 18 to join them so if you want to join them you can sign up with any of your elder brother’s or father’s details.

Start Affiliate marketing

Start affiliate marketing

Ever heard of affiliate marketing?

“Affiliate marketing involves promoting the products or services of someone else and getting commission per sale or lead.”

It is one of the coolest, quickest and most profitable way to make money online.

In order to start affiliate marketing, you have to join some affiliate program which allows you to promote it’s products and make money whenever somebody buys any product through your referral link.

Some companies run their affiliate programs independently like Amazon and Ebay, whereas most of the companies operate their affiliate programs through third party websites like Shareasale, Commission Junction and Rakuten Affiliate network.

What is the best way to start affiliate marketing?

The best way to start affiliate marketing is to make a blog and start reviewing and promoting niche related products on it.


Let me explain,

Let’s say i want to make money by promoting gaming laptops from Amazon, then the first thing i would do is to make a blog about gaming and start writing reviews about gaming laptops on my blog.

Once people would visit my site to check the review about a certain laptop, they would buy it through the affiliate link present on my website. Once they would click on the link, they would be redirected to Amazon product page where they would buy the product and i would get a commission.

Amazon affiliate program is just one affiliate program, there are actually hundreds of affiliate programs in almost every niche you could think of.

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Become a proofreader

start proofreading

Are you a native english speaker?

Do you have a strong grip on grammar and usage of punctuation marks?

Can you sort out the grammatical and punctuation mistakes from an article or an ebook?

If your answer is yes then you have a great opportunity to start making money online.

Proofreading is one of the highly paid freelance professions trending right now!

Most of the people write an article or an ebook but they either don’t have time to proofread it or they are weak at english.

You can offer your proofreading services on different freelance websites like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer and Guru.

Get paid to search the web

Get paid to search

Sounds fake!

Doesn’t it?

Who would pay people just to search the web?

Well, it’s not fake!

There are companies which pay you to search the web through their search engines,

Some of these companies include Swagbucks, Qmee, Bing rewards and Inboxdollars etc.

Although the amount they pay is quite less but after all the only thing you have to do is to surf, which you normally do for free.

Why not get some extra bucks every months for free!

Not a bad deal!

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Start dropshipping

Start dropshipping

Dropshipping is one of the most profitable and lucrative ways to make money online. Just like blogging it has a huge earning potential provided you do everything right.

In Dropshipping, you basically act as a middle man, where you sell products without having to worry about the production and shipping.

All you to do is to create an online store on Shopify and import products from Aliexpress virtually on your shopify store. Whenever someone buys the product from your store, the actual owner of the product or supplier from Aliexpress ships the product to him/her.

So what do i get, Basit?

Good question!

Actually the prices of items on Aliexpress are quite low, so what you do is that when you import some product from Aliexpress to your shopify store, you set your own price which is relatively higher.

If you are still confused, check out this step by step guide to dropshipping by Shopify.

How to make money as a 16 year old offline (3 ways)

Become a baby sitter

baby sitting

Baby sitting is one of the most popular part time job teens do to make some extra money on the side.

It is one of the most profitable ways to make money on the side,

Not only it helps you make money but also helps you become a responsible and reliable person.

If you want to become a baby sitter, then the best way is to start from your relatives and neighbors.

People hesitate to trust teens with no experience, so first work with your neighbors and relatives and once you get some experience, start approaching other people.

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Become a tutor


You can make money as a 16 year old by tutoring other teens either of your grade or juniors provided you have a strong grip on any subject like maths.

Normally many teens struggle at maths or any other subject,

If you think you know the subject well and you can make the other person understand, you should simply ask him/her directly whether he/she wants tutoring or not.

You can command decent rates depending upon your expertise and experience.

Walk dogs with Rover

dog sitting

Just like baby sitting, pet sitting is also a very profitable industry with a lot of potential.

When it comes to pet sitting, dog sitting leads due to a large number of people having dogs as pets.

Approaching people personally is also a good way to get started as a dog sitter but once you get some experience, you can join as a professional dog sitter. is an amazing website that connects pet owners (specifically dog owners) with pet sitters willing to work either full time or part time. (BUT you have to be 18+ to join Rover) 

I would say, work for two years on your own and then join Rover once you get to 18.

On average, Dog sitters make $8 to $13 an hour with rates increasing when you keep the dog overnight.

Final words:

These ways are just to give you an idea about the potential of making money through internet,

Some of these ways can help you make a full time living like blogging, Amazon affiliate marketing and freelance writing whereas other ways can help you make some extra money every month.

Now its up to whether you take action or not because just reading articles about how to make money as a 16 year old and not implementing anything will ONLY waste your time.

I recommend you to start a blog today and start working on it rather than wasting your time on social media.

I have a step by step guide to blogging which will help you make a profitable blog. I am always ready to help you people at any stage. Just drop me a messsage here and i will gladly respond.

Start your blog today!

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