Online jobs for 13 year olds

Online jobs for 13 year olds

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Are you looking for the best online jobs for 13 year olds in 2019?

What if I tell you,

You have just landed on the best resource for teens looking for online jobs and ways to make money.

There are a lot of online jobs available out there but most of them don’t accept teens under 18 years of age.

BUT! You need not to worry as I have compiled 30 online jobs in this post that accept 13 year olds and all of them are 100% legitimate.

Best online jobs for 13 year olds

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is the best resource for teens to make quick money just by completing surveys.

If you want to start making money just by filling simple online surveys about various brands, join Survey Junkie straight away.

There are a lot of survey sites available online but Survey Junkie is simply the best!

The best thing about them is their honesty, they declare this thing on their website that you can’t get rich taking online surveys and that’s the truth but unfortunately many sites don’t reveal the truth.

The user interface of Survey Junkie is very professional and clean and you would not face any difficulty using their portal.

Survey Junkie pays through Paypal and minimum amount to withdraw is $10.

Join Survey Junkie today and start making money.


Blogging has proven to be one most profitable online job over the years due to its potential to be scaled.

It has transformed the lives of millions of people around the world and is continuously changing many more.

WordPress has made it very much easier for anyone residing in any corner of the world to start his/her own blog in under 20 minutes.

There are four primary ways you can make money with a blog,

Display advertising

In display advertising you make money when people visit your blog and/or click the ads being displayed on your blog. The biggest display advertising network is Google Adsense that is used by the majority of bloggers out there.

Affiliate marketing

In affiliate marketing, you promote the products or services of any company and get commission per sale or lead generated.

When you blog grows big, you can make money on your blog through sponsored posts. These posts are actually written for some company’s product or service. Either some company approaches you themselves or you join sponsored networks where you can connect with brands who pay you write posts about their products or services.

Selling your own digital or physical products

Once you blog grows and you start to build audience, you can build trust and sell them your digital products in the form of e books/courses or physical products that your audience really needs.

Start your blog today!

Freelance writing

Can you write for long hours without getting bored?

If yes, then freelance writing is also a great way to make money as a 13 year old.

Here I am not talking about writing essays!

I am talking about web content like this article you are reading right now,

You can get paid to write articles like this for bloggers looking for content writers for their blogs.

There are a lot of job boards you can join for freelance writing jobs however I recommend the following five job boards,

Problogger job board

Blogging pro job board

Freelance writing job board

Flexjobs (paid)

Contenna (paid)

Besides these job boards, you can also offer your services on social media especially in Facebook groups related to blogging, content writing, freelancing, online marketing and entrepreneurship.

Fiverr is also a great place to start offering your freelance writing services.


Transcription is also a great addition to online jobs for 13 year olds. If you are a native English speaker and you can easily convert an audio or video into written form, you can really make money doing so.

There are a lot of transcription websites that you can join for transcription jobs.

Some of the best transcription sites out there are,


Rev is most professional transcription company out there that provide transcription services and hire transcriptionists for this job. They $4 to $12 per hour.

In order to join them, you have to pass a transcription test and if you fail that test, you have to wait for the next 45 days to apply again.

They pay through Paypal and pay once in a week.


Transcribeme has also a good name in the Transcription market.

They also have a test which you have to pass to get started with them.

They pay about 20 dollars per hour of transcribed audio and pay through Paypal.


Scribie is a great transcription site for beginners as their approval is easier than other other transcription sites but their rate is also lesser.


YouTube is a great source to start your own online journey without having to look for jobs.

The trend of videos is increasing day by day and people are literally watching more and more videos not only for entertainment purposes but also for information and advice.

How can you benefit from this?

You can start a YouTube about anything you love and start making videos. Once you’ll start getting good number of views on your videos, you would be able to make a good amount of money every month.

Below are some of the channel ideas you can consider,

Toys unboxing

Gagdet reviews


DIY crafts (e.g making slime)

Gaming streaming

The key to success on YouTube is quality content, consistency and patience. Many people start making videos but give up after a certain period of time. Always start a YouTube channel about your passion and you would enjoy making videos. Also make sure the topic you chose for your channel is not too much narrow or broad.

Check out this video to understand how to really grow your channel from zero subscribers.


Qmee is an app/site that pays you to search the web.

Yes! You get paid for each search you make on the web.

Qmee has a chrome extension that can be integrated into chrome and whenever you search the web you get paid a small amount each time. Although the amount you get is very less but after all you are just searching the web in your routine and not doing anything else.

Social media management

Social media management includes managing the social media pages for companies or individuals i.e. posting photos and videos, running contests, running paid ads and replying to business enquiries.

Social media is growing exponentially and nowadays almost every brand uses social media for their business.

Most of these businesses don’t have enough time to manage their social media pages themselves because of busy routine. Here I am especially referring to local businesses in your area.

Local businesses are mostly unaware about the power of social media and the impact it can create for their businesses, so most of them don’t have social media presence and even if they have, they just have a facebook page with no post for the past couple of months.

Look around you for local businesses in your area and check how many of them are not leveraging social media for their business. If you find any of them, just shoot them an email and offer them your social media management services.

Another way to get social media management jobs is through following job boards,



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