Best paid surveys for 13 year olds in 2019 (uk, usa, can, aus)

Best paid surveys for 13 year olds in 2019 (uk, usa, can, aus)

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Are you looking for the best paid surveys for 13 year olds in United States, Canada, United Kingdom or Australia?

You have just landed on the right place!

Paid surveys are a great way to make some extra money every month,


Most of the survey sites out there do not accept people under 18 years of age!

That’s not fair!

BUT you need not to worry!

As i have compiled a list of 10 amazing survey websites that accept 13 year old teens and pay quite well,

Interestingly some of the sites mentioned below are market leaders and they have paid a lot of money to their users to date and are paying continuously!

All of the survey sites mentioned in this article are 100% legitimate and they have a solid track record of paying their users, their hard-earned money.

Alright let’s get into the list,

Best paid surveys for 13 year olds (2019)

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie

Countries accepted: USA, UK, Canada and Australia

Survey Junkie is my top recommendation for anybody looking to make money online,


Because as compared to other survey sites out there, Survey Junkie is quite new but they are growing at an exponential rate and most probably they would become the market leader in online surveys very soon.

Anyways, if you are really looking for the best paid surveys website for 13 year olds, just join Survey Junkie now and start making money today.

E poll

Accepted Countries: USA

My second recommendation for the best survey sites is E poll,

E poll is a great survey website that accepts 13 year olds and is 100% legitimate to join!

It one of the oldest survey site which is basically a part of a market research company, Bridge Entertainment Inc.

The interesting thing about E Poll is that their research is mostly oriented towards Entertainment industry which means you would be completing surveys related to entertainment which is great!

E poll has a user friendly interface and anybody with zero knowledge of online surveys can join them and start taking surveys without any problem.

The types of surveys vary, some may take only 10 to 15 minutes while some may take more than 30 to 40 minutes (these are actually TV shows which you have to watch).

The only drawback of E Poll is that they only accept members from United States which is not fair but anyways if you are are a resident of United States, this is a great surveys site for you to join.


Accepted countries: worldwide

Paidviewpoint is another legitimate survey website for 13 year olds that actually pays its users faster than most of the other companies out there.

It is a subsidiary of Ask Your Target Market which is a renowned market research company.

PaidviewPoint protects your privacy and allows you to use any name other then your real name.

Besides that it doesn’t ask your mailing address unlike other companies out there.

The best thing about PaidViewPoint is that they don’t screen out users from surveys which most of the other survey sites do!

When you sign up to paidViewPoint, you get get $1 in your account as a bonus and then you can make money taking surveys and referring others through their referral program.

According their referral program, you make 20% of your referral earnings and their is no limit for how much referrals you can get. Just tell all your friends to join the site through your referral link and you would be able to score quite a good number of referrals.

You can sign up to PaidViewPoint here.


Cash Crate

Countries accepted: USA, UK, Canada, Australia and most of the other countries.

Cashcrate is also one of my favorite survey sites and it allows 13 year olds to join and make money,

It is basically a rewards site and not specifically a survey site.

Cashcrate not only has paid surveys for 13 year olds but it also offers other ways to make money like completing various offers, playing games, installing apps and stuff like that.

Even if you have no surveys available for you, you would have plenty of other ways to make money without having to worry about surveys.

Earning Station

Accepted countries: United States

You can make money on Earning Station by completing online surveys and completing offers like signing up to a specific website, providing credit card information etc.

You can also make money by watching videos and redeeming different coupons providided by them.

As far as payment is concerned, you can only get paid via gift cards of various companies.

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One Opinion

Accepted countries: United States, Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Australia, Canada and the UK.

One opinion is a paid survey site that pays you take online surveys and this site has got a great reputation in the eyes of various rating websites like Trust Pilot and Survey Police.

One Opinion is owned by a market research company known as Critical Mix and they have a good record of paying their users well on time.

After signing up, you would receive a notification email each time you have a survey available but they recommend their users to stay tuned and search for surveys yourself.

The average payout for each survey is normally $1 to $5, but sometimes you also come across high paying surveys as well.

Once you will have 25,000 points (equals $25) in your account you would be able to get a payout through Visa Debit Card.

You can join One Opinion here.

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is a great survey site for teens to join and make money.

They recently rebranded as Branded Surveys and were previously known as MintVine.

Branded Surveys has teamed up with a lot of survey companies to provide their users with a wide range of surveys.

Sign up is really easy and quick and you would not be asked any shady question.

After signing up, you would be able to start taking surveys,

Surveys may or may not be avilable all the time but i recommend to keep checking your accoun now and then to check id there is any survey available.

You would not be awarded for same number of points for every survey as each survey has its own weightage depending upon its type.

Once your reach 1000 points (which equals 1000 points), you would be able to get paid via Paypal.

Harris Poll

Accepted countries: USA, Canada

Harris Poll is a survey website which you can join today to start making money BUT it is not like most of the survey sites mentioned in this article.

It has a lot of negative reviews on the web and i have seen people complaining a lot about this site.

It’s totally your choice whether you want to join this site or not. You can join it and check it yourself whether it is worth your time or not.

They are basically a project backed by Harris Interactive (a market research company)

Most common types of surveys on Harris Poll are related to fashion, music, movies and groceries.

However there are some related to religion and ethics which i think should not be there as these two are very sensitive topics.

Harris Poll has a clean and user friendly interface BUT there are two problems with this company,

First problem is with the amount of surveys, you only get 2 to 3 surveys per month which is very less as compared to other survey companies like Survey Junkie.

The second problem is that you can not withdraw cash from Harris Poll, you can request for payment in the form of e-cards or gift vouchers from Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks, ESPN, Walmart, etc.

Final words

These are the 10 best paid surveys for 13 year olds, however not all of them are have same quality.

I have personally found Survey Junkie to be the most authentic and legitimate survey website that has quality surveys and it pays it’s users on time.

If you have some doubt, you can ask me in the comments below.

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